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Freeze 64 Issue 28 has just landed on my doormat

Freeze 64 Issue 28

Just received my subscriber edition of Freeze 64 in the post, now up to issue 28!

This issue’s featured game and interview is Mikie and its’ programmer, Tony Pomfret. There’s a third instalment of ‘The Talkies’ focusing on C64 games that feature speech alongside many of the regulars like Zzapback! and Secret Squirrel.

Badlands is once again the featured game in the ‘The Diary of…’ series whilst ‘Escape from the Waste Disposal Unit’ is under the spotlight for this issues ‘The Making of…’


Freeze 64 Issue 28

Here’s a peek at the contents page of Freeze 64 Issue 28.


If you fancy your own copy head over to the Freeze64 website and show your support by purchasing this issue.

Here’s a link to previews of several earlier editions of Freeze64 if you’d like to check out what you’ve been missing!

Freeze 64 Issue 27 – Out now!

Freeze 64 Issue 27

Just received my latest subscriber edition of Freeze 64 in the post, now up to issue 27! (Which reminds me – it’s time to order a new binder as each one only holds 13 issues!)

This issue’s featured game and interview is Nodes of Yesod and its’ programmer, Keith Robinson. The tongue-in-cheek look at toilets continues, as do regulars like The Mouldy Cupboard, Zzapback! and Secret Squirrel. Rollerboard is this issues ‘The making of’ whilst ‘The Diary of a Game’ continues the focus on Badlands from the previous issue.


Freeze 64 Issue 27

Freeze 64 Issue 27 pictured alongside Nodes of Yesod, this months featured game.


If you fancy your own copy head over to the Freeze64 website and show your support by purchasing this issue.

Freeze 64 Issue 25

Freeze 64 Issue 25

I have been eagerly awaiting Issue 25 of Freeze 64 for ages… I’m sure my postie must have travelled via the Bermuda Triangle to get to me!

Anyway it finally arrived today and as usual it does not disappoint. This issue’s featured game and interview is Herobotix and its’ programmer, Steven Collins. There’s also a tongue-in-cheek look at toilets that feature in C64 games, and the making of Rupert & The Toymakers Party plus all the regulars such as The Mouldy Cupboard, Secret Squirrel and much more.


Freeze 64 Issue 25

Freeze 64 Issue 25 pictured with this months Cheat Card (#22) and Herobotix, this months featured game.


This is a particularly special edition for me personally because I’m actually in it!!! Vinny (the Editor) did a little interview with me about my C64 game collection for the regular “My Commodore 64 Heaven” feature. The following copy of the article is only reproduced here with his kind permission.


Freeze 64 Issue 25

My Commodore 64 Heaven Interview (reproduced with permission).


As always, if you’d like to get your own copy (this magazine is only available in print form) then please head over to the Freeze64 website and show your support by buying a copy.

Freeze 64 Issue 24

Freeze 64 Issue 24

After a tiring day at work it’s always great to come home to a nice surprise in the post. When I saw that familiar A5 envelope on the worktop as I hung up my coat I knew exactly what would be inside – Freeze 64 Issue 24! Really looking forward to settling down and reading through it all later this evening.

Freeze 64 Issue 23

Freeze64 Issue 23

The latest Freeze64 Issue 23 dropped through my letterbox yesterday. This one features a photo of the late Ben Daglish on the cover rather than the pixel game art that I’ve become so accustomed to. In case you are not aware he was a legend in the C64 music scene and composed some amazing music for many great games including The Last Ninja.

As always there’s plenty to read inside including my personal favourite, a ‘Talkies’ article looking at games that featured speech. I always used to love games with speech – it was just so cool to hear your 64 talk, no matter how scratchy or poor quality it may have been. The fact that they were able to do this with just a few kilobytes of memory still amazes me to this day!

Most of the regular features make a welcome return including Zzapback and a look at new and upcoming games in the Commodore 64 scene.

This fanzine/magazine continues to go from strength to strength and really deserves your support. If you would like to get hold of your very own copy of Freeze64 Issue 23 then take a look here.


Freeze64 September Issue out now!


Looking forward to reading this during my lunch break – it’s the September 2018 edition of Freeze64 and as always it’s packed with diverse and interesting C64 content.

All the regular features make a welcome return including the Mouldy Cupboard, Secret Squirrel and Pokes & Codes. In the now pretty regular “We Don’t do Reviews” section there’s a cracking review of the recently released game ‘Yoomp! 64’.

There’s plenty more inside to while away your time including Zzapback with Julian Rignall, a big interview with Karl Hornell, latest news snippets, cheats and a whole lot more.

This fanzine is simply a must buy for anyone with even a passing interest in the Commodore 64 and is well worth £3.99 of anyone’s money. If you’d like to get your very own physical copy (and this fanzine doesn’t do digital copies) then head on over to Freeze64 now!

August Issue of Freeze64 is out!

Freeze64 August

What a great start to the weekend! The August issue of Freeze64 has literally just dropped onto my doormat this morning. Pictured here with my copy of the cover featured Gremlin Graphics game – Bounder.

Freeze64 August

Freeze64 with Bounder Game

It’s another terrific issue with reviews of two new C64 games: Exploding Fish and The Legend of Atlantis. Julian Rignall returns once again with a great Zzapback article covering classics such as Elite and Airwolf. A look into the making of Miami Vice, and loads more besides. We’ll worth £3.99 of anyone’s money.

If you want to get your very own copy of the magazine, or just find out more, head on over to their website.

July Issue of Freeze64 & Corruption Adventure Game

Freeze64 & Corruption

Just thought I’d share a couple of cool things that arrived in the post a few days ago. Namely the latest issue of ‘Freeze64’ and something I’ve been chasing down for about a year now – Corruption for the C64!

For those of you who are not aware, Freeze64 is a brilliant monthly Commodore 64 Fanzine that contains game reviews / cheats and interviews with game designers from yesteryear. Recently it has started to feature regular articles from Julian Rignall (of ZZap 64 fame) too. Anyway I heartily recommend it – it’s a very entertaining read. Take a look for yourself here.

Freeze64 & Corruption

Corruption – Box Contents

I’m a big adventure game fan, particularly of the Magnetic Scrolls graphic series. I’ve already got The Pawn, Guild of Thieves and Jinxter but tracking down the rest of the collection is proving quite difficult. I’m pretty pleased with this find though – it’s in superb condition and has all the Filofax pages that give you clues and background material for the game. Sadly it is missing the audio cassette so I still need to track that down, or at least an audio file of the contents! Now I just need to find copies of Wonderland and Fish! to complete my collection.

By the way, if you have any of these and would like to sell them – please get in touch!