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Freeze 64 Issue 32 Fanzine is out now

Freeze 64 Issue 32

With the uncanny knack of being able to arrive in time for the weekend, Freeze 64 Issue 32 has materialised on my doormat. Sadly this is the last mag we’ll get in 2019 so we won’t get to see a special Christmas themed issue this year. Of course it will be returning in the new year though.

In the meantime subscribers have been told we can expect a special mini Christmas issue via email with some sort of surprise contained within it! Can’t wait 🙂


Freeze 64 Issue 32

Freeze 64 Issue 32 comes with a neat ‘Nodes of Yesod’ cheat card (no. 27) and a gift subscription order form.


Issue #32’s featured game and interview is CJ’s Elephant Antics and its’ developers Ashley Hogg and Jonathan Temples. There’s also some great cheats and pokes for Keystone Kapers. Crawling out of the Mouldy Cupboard in this issue is Ratsplat which dates back to 1985. Regular sections Zzapback!, Secret Squirrel and My C64 Heaven are all present and correct and this this time around there’s even a hardware review of the Tapuino Reloaded!


Freeze 64 Issue 32

Quick peek at the contents of this issue.


If you fancy your own copy then head over to the Freeze64 website and show your support by purchasing this issue.

Here’s a link to my previews of several earlier editions of Freeze64 if you’d like to check out what you’ve been missing!

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