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Amiga CD32 TerribleFire 330 – Game Compatibility List

TerribleFire Compatibility

This ‘compatibility list’ features all the games that I have played on an Amiga CD32 with a TerribleFire 330 card installed. I have indicated whether each game is compatible (green), partially compatible (amber) or incompatible (red).

Please note that I haven’t exhaustively tested each game to completion (as much as I’d love to, I simply don’t have the time). Consequently there could be the odd issue that I’ve yet to discover even if a game has been given a green light.

These games are all from my personal collection so if a game isn’t listed here then it’s because I don’t own it. If anyone reading this knows of any other titles that do or don’t work on a TerribleFire 330 equipped CD32 then please leave a comment below. I’ll make sure those titles are added to the list.

Last updated: 25th July 2023

TerribleFire 330 Game Compatibility List


Alfred Chicken

Works perfectly.

Alien Breed 3D

Crashes after inputting the code from the code book.

Alien Tower Assault

Doesn’t load.

Bridge Strike

As you would hope for a new game, this works perfectly.

Beneath a Steel Sky

Works perfectly.

Bubba n Stix

Works perfectly.

Chuck Rock

Works perfectly.

Dangerous Streets/Wing Commander

Dangerous streets won’t load and Wing Commander crashes at the start of the intro video.


Works perfectly.

Disposable Hero

Works perfectly.

Fire & Ice

Works perfectly.

Fury of the Furries

Works perfectly.


Works perfectly and the extra grunt means you can run the game at max graphical settings with no slowdown!


Works perfectly and the extra power of the 030 processor means the game runs really smoothly!

Gunship 2000

Works perfectly and the extra power of the 030 processor means the game runs better.

Heroes of Gorluth

This is a recent game and actually lets you select a special 68030 version of the game from a startup menu. Works better than on a stock CD32 as a result!

James Pond 2

Works perfectly.

James Pond 3

Crashes after intro video.

Jungle Strike

Won’t load at all.

Lamborghini American Challenge

Works perfectly.


Works perfectly.

Lotus Trilogy

Works but the initial menu screen where you select Lotus 1, 2 or 3 doesn’t display. You can hear the music in the background and if you press fire it will load Lotus 1 just fine. You can access the other 2 games by blindly selecting them (pull down once or twice before pressing fire).

Lumberjack Reloaded

Plays fine but there is occasionally a little bit of audio corruption with the music.


Works perfectly.


Works perfectly.

Nick Faldo’s Championship Golf

Works perfectly!

Nigel Mansell’s World Championship

Works but graphics flicker during gameplay.


Both games work perfectly.

Pinball Fantasies

Initially appears to work then exhibits various weird behaviour during play like slowing to a crawl and ultimately crashing with a screen full of garbage.


Works perfectly.

Pong 4K

As would be expected for a brand new game this works flawlessly.


Gameplay is fine but there’s some annoying audio corruption (white noise occasionally playing instead of music) that I’ve not got to the bottom of. So far I’ve only experienced this problem with this game and Lumberjack (both new games).


Works perfectly.

Sabre Team

Works perfectly.

Seek & Destroy

Works perfectly.

Sensible Soccer – European Champions

V1.1 European Champions edition appears to load, music plays but screen is blank. (Thanks to xubidoo for this info). The v1.2 World Cup Edition also doesn’t work and fails to load. (Thanks to Warren for this info).

Simon the Sorcerer

Works perfectly!

Star Crusader

Works perfectly.

Subwar 2050

Works perfectly.

Super Putty

Works perfectly!

Super Skidmarks

Works perfectly!

Super Stardust

Locks up after completing the first level.

Tales of Gorluth

This is a recent game and actually lets you select a special 68030 version of the game from a startup menu. Works better than on a stock CD32 as a result!

The Chaos Engine

Refuses to even load.

Top Gear 2

Works perfectly.

Wing Commander

This loads with all the colours messed up when the TF330 is installed, however if you search online there is a fixed ISO which runs properly. Game runs much better than on a stock CD32 but does have a tendency to lock up so save often. I’m hoping this might be due to my PSU being inadequate so will update this if I manage to get hold of a more powerful replacement.

UPDATE: So I bought a stronger PSU for my CD32. A 57W unit capable of providing stable 5V (up to 4.2A) and 12V (up to 3A) and… it didn’t make a blind bit of difference to the performance of the game sadly.


Works perfectly.

Zool 2

Works perfectly!

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