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Freeze 64 Issue 30 Fanzine is out now

Freeze 64 Issue 30

Anyone who subscribes to Freeze 64 will know exactly what this envelope contains without even opening it… Of course it can only be the very latest Freeze 64 Issue 30!


Freeze 64 Issue 30 Envelope

Freeze 64 Issue 30 Envelope


Not only is this issue 30 but the fanzine has now been going for three whole years! To celebrate there’s a little retrospective article looking back at some of the stand-out moments from the previous 30 issues.


Freeze 64 Issue 29Freeze 64 Issue 30

Freeze 64 Issue 30 pictured with limited edition collectors trading card.


This issue’s featured game and interview is Comic Bakery and its’ programmer, Colin Gresty. There’s also some much needed cheats for the recent ‘Mancave’ game as well as ‘Doctster’s Digger’ and ‘Run Demon Run’. Naturally the regular features like the Mouldy Cupboard, Zzapback! and Secret Squirrel can be found inside too.

Badlands is still the featured game in part 5 of the ‘The Diary of…’ series. ‘Bruce Lee: Return of Fury’ is also under the spotlight for this issues ‘The Making of…’ article.


Freeze 64 Issue 29 Contents

Here’s a peek at the contents page of this issue.


If you fancy your own copy then head over to the Freeze64 website and show your support by purchasing this issue.

Here’s a link to my previews of several earlier editions of Freeze64 if you’d like to check out what you’ve been missing!

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  • >> “Here’s a peek at the contents page of this issue.”

    and what do my eyes see… “BruceLee – Return of the Fury”… O_O –> Omg!

    Bruce Lee was (and still is) one of my top favorite games on my good’ol C64.
    (i still do enjoy playing that one every now and than (but at least 5 times per year 🙂 ))

    I wasn’t even aware of this awesome remake, before i saw the contentpage-snapshot of yours.

    so, thanks for another great article
    (this one really made my day!)


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